Sep 11, 2013

Belly Fat Boot camp schedule

BellyFatBoot Camp
Paleo/Zone Foods7        
Contraband Food CHOICE(-1)        
Weekly 2k Row/ 1 mile Run1        
Missed Row/Run(-1)        
Burpee,Squat,Sit up, Push up3        
Each Missed  B -S -SU -PU(-1)        
Food Log or Photo Journal1        
Burpees 75 per week        
Squats 100 per week        
Sit ups 150 per week        
Push ups 75 per week        
 3 out of the 4 workouts per week.
Sprint Buy -In    
Day1(1st)(15th)Day 30(1st)(15th)

Sep 2, 2013

Belly Fat Boot Camp

Belly Fat Boot Camp
NUTRITION:  Zone or Paleo
COST:   $5.00
START DATE:  Wednesday September 4th
TIME: 7:00 pm
ATTIRE: Workout clothes

Clean eating -7pts
Workouts (3 out of 4 movements)-3pt 
                  burpees  75 per week
                  squats     100 per week
                  sit ups     150 per week
                  push ups 75 per week

Weekly row (2k) / Run 1 mile) -1pt
Food Log (journal or photos) -1pt

12 points per week is the max you can earn.

 * Any unfavorable carbs will forfeit  your food point for the day.

Here's the kicker....
The BUY IN: 15 timed sprints

Let's face it...summer can be crazy with family reunions, summer parties, vacations, kids,spouses...need I say more?  And to be honest, most all of these things are centered around food...and not the healthy kind.
We are here to help you get back on track.  We are going to spend the next 30 days eating clean and working hard. 
So if you are ready to make a change, come join us on Wednesday night.  
Be prepared to workout.  And bring you favorite Paleo or Zone recipe.     

Jul 6, 2013


OK it is .  

“Regardless of what the problem is, the answer is to squat.”
Those are the words of CrossFit founder Greg Glassman. 
 "Do this well and everything else you do will fall into place," he explains.  "Do this poorly and everything else is going to be a little challenging for you.
  I started this the first day of July.  If you are just getting started, add an extra 10 squats everyday until you catch up with the schedule. 
 This is all about form, take your time.  This isn't a WOD... so don't race through it.  Take your time and move well.
I leave you with a picture of a good squat.  If anything, just get into a squat position and try to copy her knees and feet in the photo.  I don't even care if your chest is forward too much for now.  Hit me up at the box.  I give you some simple drills to fix your squat and save your knees.......


                                                     Who gives a 'squat' ?  I DO!!!

Jan 1, 2013

NEW HOPE performance and nutrition challenge

WOOT WOOT...It's almost here! 6 days until we kick off our performance and nutrition challenge....are you in?

Dec 16, 2012

Day 11

Day 11....The Laughs...Dancing, busting each other's chops, and alot of joking around.  And yes, there is still a serious workout that gets done in the middle of all that.LOL  Nothing is better than listening to the laughs aong with the groanthatmake up the wod.

Dec 15, 2012

Day 10

DAY 10.... Early morning social time. There's nothing to bring me out of my bleary-eyed 5:30 a.m. state than when I pull into a parking spot at the box and see everybody up and about, the earlier class getting their WOD done. The music gets me going, I get to say hi to my friends, catch up on everybody's week while we stretch and warm up.

Dec 14, 2012


DAY 9.....Learning to recover as an athlete ,,,AND the value of recovery. It's taken some time, and some injuries, to value the different aspects of recovery.  These aspects  are to be honored when needed....sleep, a rest day, stretching, foam rolling, and seeking the advise of  the coaches, and so on..  When I respect my body and what it needs, I feel better and I perform better.