Rain? No problem!

CrossFit Iota WOD
400m run
21 burpees
21 kb swings 
400m run
21kb swings
21 burpees
400m run

Cheri ran WOD today, pouring rain and all.  Instead of opting out for the rower she turned on her BRAVE and took on the rain....
And she won!  Great job Cheri Olsen.

Lessons learned the HARD way

Love sled workouts! Crossfit Iota does alot of sled work, wether its pulling or pushing.  Super excited to do this workout becasue we haven't pushed sleds in a long time.  This was our strength work before the WOD.
10x 100' sled pushes (#95)
I thought to myself...this is doable!  
Round 1: going strong

Round 5: this is hard, I can't catch my breath.
Round 6: on no, I think I'm going to.....
yup, I sure did.
After a 10 min rest and I finsished all 10 rounds.

Do you think its going to be easy because you've been working out a long time?  
Do you look at the weight and think" two weeks ago I did #150 for 5 rounds, this is super light in comparision, so no problem!"?  
Do you think it doesn't matter that you didn't eat breakfast earlier in the day?
Do you think I learned my lesson?


Sometimes being a super hero isn't about saving someone else...it's about saving yourself.  
Take time for yourself everyday. 
 Grab your shoes, put on your courage and get out the door. 
Get to the gym and give it your all!  
Fight for yourself!
 Fight for your right to be healthy and happy.
 Everything you do inside the gym will directly affect the life you live outside the gym.
It will affect the lives of those around you.
Be your own HERO.

Best Job EVER...

Can I just say...BEST job in the world!?!  
I share this so you know what makes me LOVE what I do everyday.  It's not about the money, It's not about being "the best coach", its not about "Look at me, look at what I can do for you". 
  It's about you letting me be a part of YOU finding YOU.  

THANK YOU everyone, for letting me experience your success of completing a crazy hard workout.
THANK YOU for the 'high fives' when you hit a PR. 
THANK YOU for letting me share your tears in the middle of a workout when it just SUCKS.  
THANK YOU for embarrasing me in that stupid 'humanity' game.  And lets not forget my debut video "Sexy and I know it".
THANK YOU for your friendship.

That being said, get your butts to the box and lets get a WOD on!


This just maybe what we will look like if I play, but I'm in!  

(And if I can do , ANYONE can!!)

Get yourself out of your comfort zone and do something new...I am.  I am going to "try" to play softball. Stop laughing, it's true!  But just a fair warning, I throw like a girl. SO be strong, Be fearless and be brave!

Cerissa: "We had the managers meeting tonight so I have all the details about the league! We are registered in the Co-ed Rec league  Thursday nights. They told us the schedule would be released Friday afternoon, so we'll know actual game times shortly. Games start next week (the 14th)! If you can come to the box Tonight at 7:00pm (Thursday, May 7th) we'll have a quick meeting about the rules, requirements, and all of that fun stuff! We'll be creating a group on FB so it will be easy to get updates out to the people who want to play, so please make sure to let me know if you're interested. There is room for everyone and every skill level on the team... if you're nervous about something please come talk to me. It's going to be fun!

Bring it on...

I need to vent...
I had talked with a friend recently.  She went to a "weightloss doctor".  She's over 45, works out 5 days a week, and eats fairly well.  She wasnt seeing the changes she wanted so trying to find a quick fix.  The Dr.  starts off saying 
" STOP doing Crossfit...it's bad. "
"No more cardio...women over 40 shouldnt do cardio."
"You should only lift weights..2x per week"
"You should only eat from the food list I give you"
"We need to fix your hormones to the level of a 20 yr old"
DR.__________, this is for you...

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Toes polished, flip flops on,