Cookie Dough Control

Thursday, July 02, 2015 Unknown 0 Comments

Sometimes life if funny.  I think I've been handling the stresses of life like a rockstar.  
I'm doing my workouts everyday
 I'm eating healthy
 I'm finally feeling in control of my emotional and physical health and then BOOM!  You guessed it...
there it is....
my bowl of cookie dough.

Did I eat it?  You bet I did!
It is this crazy phenomenon for me.  I have the desire to control everything in my life.   When it comes to food, the worst part is I usually implement my control to eat whatever I want because I CAN. 
Could I have made better choices?  Sure!
But it also gave me a chance to reflect on why I eat what and when I do.  Mistakes are okay,  I still have the rest of today to make great choices...and I think I will!