New Beginings

Sunday, August 12, 2012 Stacey Baker 0 Comments

 As of this week, I have been a crossfit addict for 3 years now. I have been through some amazing changes.  Both physical and emotional changes for the better.  As I  progressed in my workoutes, I realized I wanted to share what I learned with others...So I became a trainer here at Crossfit Iota.  It has been a life changing experience for me. I LOVE training!  There is great personal satisfaction for me when someone RX's for the first time...or the first time someone does a pull up without a band.  The best is when I hear " I can't believe I did that!"  I love my job!
That being said, I have let my personal training slide.  There's been a few injuries...a few bad hair days...and whatever other excuses are out there. It's time to get on the ball!
  Monday morning is the start of my full schedule of workouts again.  I am begining this journey of mine with great anticipation. 

 After watching the CrossFit Regionals and the CrossFit games, I got the bug!  My goal is to participate in the crossfit regional games next spring.  I have fought numerous battles along this journey of mine.  But I realize  you only get out of it what you put into it.  Now is the time to get my butt into gear and get it on!
So here's to new beginings!