My Love Of CrossFit

Sunday, April 22, 2012 Stacey Baker 0 Comments

CrossFit has changed my life is SO many ways. It's a lifestyle.  It's a way of life built through fitness and friendship.  I have met so many people that I now consider friends.  I have been able to acheive and maintain a level of fitness that I never thought was possible for me.  Through this positive and supportive community I feel almost obligated to share my crossfit exeriences with everyone I meet
To help spread wellness thoughout my community is an amazing experience.And not only in fitness but in life.  CrossFit transfers over to SO many things in life.  Whether it's work, family, sports, whatever....CrossFit has taugh tme to give my best in everything because that is what we do at Crossfit.
I always wondered if the fire and the drive would go away, but it hasn't.  Everyday I continue to learn and continue sharing the sport of crossfit.  This is truly a huge part of my life.  Helping others acheive goals is what I love about coaching.  To see someone with doubt, to push them when they cannot push themselves, to be their motivation when they feel overwhelmed, and be a friend, mentor, leader by example.
Thank you for letting me share my passion with you.  I want to share my passion and give back to those around me.  I want to give to you what has been a huge part of my life, to give you the frienfd that will always have your back. 
So you ready? 3...2...1...GO