My CrossFit mantra 2012

Friday, February 03, 2012 Stacey Baker 1 Comments

This is dedicated to my 'girls' at CrossFit Iota

To improve who we are, how we behave,
and the results we acheive
we have to make agreements with ourselves.

There is a Tolec Wisdom Book, "The Four Agreements", that speaks about four codes
of conduct to live by.  It might sound crazy but they also apply to our journey with crossfit. 
 I want to take on the challenge of putting these four agreements into my life....
....this is my mantra for 2012

Be Impeccable With My Word-  I will speak with integrity.  Say what I mean and be honest.  Being impeccable with my word is the correct use of energy.   I will pursue this with intensity and it will transform my life.
::::With crossfit I will speak lovingly to myself and direct my energy towards purpose and a positive direction.  I need to give myself credit for my effort at each workout.  I can't blame myself  for my letdowns.  I will never speak badly myself, another member of the box, a coach, etc.  My words express my thoughts and my thoughts define me.  I will make a conscious decision to clear the drama and negative talk from my mind and the words out of my mouth.
Don't Take Anything Personally-  nothing other people do is because of me, it's because of themselves.  Whatever I think, whatever I feel, I know it is your problem and not my problem.  It is the way you see the world.  When I really see other people as they are, without taking it personally, I can never be hurt by what they say or do. 
::::With crossfit, we are constantly interacting with others and being compared to others.  I can't deny that there is a large social aspect to this way of fitness.  I am constantly being challenged and pushed by others in our community. 
Although CrossFit brings out the best in people most of the time, it can also bring some 'not so great' emotions and outbursts.  I will not let myself become hurt or consumed by other peoples words and actions towards me.  Those hurtful words and actions are a direct reflection of that persons outlook and mindset.  They heve personl issues that I am not a part I won't take it personal.
Don't Make Assumptions-  It is interesting how the human mind works.  I have the need to justify everything and explain and understand everything in order to feel safe.  I will find the courage to ask questions and to express what I really want.  I will communicate with others clearly as I can to avoid misunderstanding.  This agreement can transform my life.
::::With CrossFit I must take action and be clear to others and my coaches about what I want. What I want out of this crossfit experience, how I want to be treated and what is on my mind.  I will not gossip and make assumptions about things others tell me.  I will respect other points of view and respect myself enough to be honest with my feelings.  I know we are all different and we all have different expectations and opinions.  I will stop expecting others to know what is going on in my head, and I won't assume that I know what others are thinking and feeling...ever.
Always do My Best-  By doing my best, I am going to live my life intensely, I am going to be productive and I am going to be good to myself.  It is taking action because I love it...not because I am expecting a reward.  I don't need to know or prove anything.  Just to take risk,,,and enjoy life that is all that matters.
::::With CrossFit, doing my best is going to change from moment to moment.  It will be different when I am healthy rather than when I am sick.  But under any circumstance, if I do my best for that moment, I will avoid self-judgement, self-doubt, and self-regret.  My best is not what I could do better in the past or what I should be able to do.  My best is not what my competitor can do or what I will once be able to do.  My best is what I can do during that workout.
I am making a daily commitment,,,I am going to speak highly of myself and others..... I will not take anything personally.....I will communicate clearly to avoid assumptions....I will always do my best.
I will keep my attention only on today,
in the present moment, and do my best to honor
 these four agreements everytime I enter my crossfit box
....and every time I exit.

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  1. Great mantra. I think I am going to start following some of your advice for myself. Thanks!