A Good Coach

Thursday, February 02, 2012 Stacey Baker 0 Comments

Coaching. This is what coaching is all about for me.  I hope this will help you to see 
WHY I do WHAT I do.

What do you see in the picture above? I see a coach. A good coach; and probably a good friend; post-CrossFit workout.
There is a reason that most CrossFit gyms chose the term “Coach” rather than “Trainer” to entitle their instructors. A coach is so much more than a trainer. And a good coach is a whole other story.
A good coach doesn’t lie to you and tell you that you’re doing great when you’re not. A good coach tells you what you’re doing right, and commends you for it, but then tells you what you need to “work on.”
A good coach does not sacrifice your safety for your ego. He/she will pull you out of the “game” when you are hurt, even if it causes his/her team to “lose”.
A good coach realizes that there are some things that just won’t be fixed overnight. And he/she is patient as you work towards fixing these faults.
A good coach thinks about you long after you leave the gym. He/she thinks about what you’ve done well, how you have made him/her proud, and how you can continue to get better. Sometimes this coach even “drops you a line” to let you know these thoughts.
A good coach can recognize a bad day. A day when you just “don’t have it.” And tells you to take a rest day. It’s not the end of the world…you’ll be back taking names in no time.
A good coach feels your victories and feels your defeats. Ask any coach, in any sport~I guarantee that they’ll confirm this. I’d go as far as saying a good coach would rather lose herself than see you lose.
A good coach is one you fear…not in the sense that you think they’ll hurt you, or penalize you with more burpees; but because you do not want to disappoint him/her.
A good coach will sacrifice his/her training, to make you achieve a desired end.
A good coach will tell you there’s hope–and actually make you believe there is–even when he/she can’t quite find it herself yet.

I never engaged in any kind of sport until my late 30's.  I never met any great coaches and didn't understand the importance of one.  I believe with all my heart that in the the shot time I've been in CrossFit, I have witnessed some of the best coaches ever. Some of these are the ones I have watched
As an individual who didn’t engage in a sport until my mid-twenties, I never got to meet many great coaches, or even understand the importance of one. I firmly believe that in the short time I’ve CrossFitted I have witnessed some of the best coaching in existence. Some of this has been of those who directly coached me, or in simply witnessing other athletes be coach in their “boxes” and at competitions.
(Courtesy of Shoreline CrossFit)