Sep 17 "DANIEL"

Friday, September 17, 2010 Stacey Baker 1 Comments

     Daniel              NEW PR  Rx 20:57
50 pull ups
400 meter run
21 Thrusters #65
800 meter run
21 thrusters
400 meter run
50 pull ups
     This was my first time ever doing "Daniel and I was nervous!  You know the feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you had to give a speech in front of a group?  Ya, thats how I felt.  I always get knots in my stomach before a benchmark workout.  Maybe it's because I know I need to be a little stronger, move a little faster,or lift a little heavier than I am used to.  But that nervous energy paid off today.  I'm not sure how my time compares with the crossfit community...but that doesn't matter today!  I set the goal of a sub 30 minute time and I did it!   It's going to be a great Day!

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  1. did it...I'd say you looked it in the eye, kicked it in the teeth and left the wod for dead. You KILLED IT! Well done!!