New Beginings

Sunday, October 26, 2014 Stacey Baker 0 Comments

NOW is time for  'new beginings'.
Isn't it crazy how fast life changes?  You are riding the wave, no worries, then BAM!  You get knocked off your board.  You panic, swinging your arms, kicking your legs just trying to keep you head above water.  Well thats me...the girl with the sopping wet hair.
The best part is, I'm getting back on the board.
CrossFit had given me the courage...
To do hard things.  
To endure.  
To keep on going.  
To see things through.
To finish what I start.
To do my BEST.
I have learned a hard lesson.  Not eating is worse than overeating!  I worked SO hard for my muscle.  But with the craziness in life, I got too busy to eat and workout.  Well there went my muscle.  There went my drive.  I havent slept well, tired all the time, can't focus.  

That being said, tomorrow is my my first day back Cleaning up my food.  (Notice I didn't use the word diet.)  I went shopping and am preparing one weeks worth of food.  No excuses.  
I can't wait to feel good again.  I look forward to working hard and eating clean.