2012 Throw the Scale Away Challenge Winners...From CrossFit Iota

Sunday, March 04, 2012 Stacey Baker 0 Comments

Posted by Coach Paul Crossfit Iota

For the LADIES… 1st – Gina Spackman, 2nd – Nancy Coburn, 3rd – Melissa Feser, 4th – Gail Seamons…But seriously ladies each one of you made amazing changes and I am INCREADIBLY proud of so many who took this challenge on and made so many positive changes, KEEP IT GOING and NEVER GIVE UP!

When this contest started, my motivation was definitely the money–”Guilt-free money”. I knew that I could definitely improve on how I looked because since baby #4, I had kept eating however I wanted which included many sweets! So, why not try?!! I did put away the scale for the first 10 days because I didn’t want to get discouraged. I had been “stuck” at the same weight for the past almost 2 years no matter what exercises I did. I ran 4-5 times a week before starting CrossFit but still had never changed my diet. Crossfit helped me build muscles & I was able to improve on so many levels during my first 7 months but not on the scale. Then after 10 days of the challenge & a dramatic change of diet, I snuck to the scale & to my surprise I had lost around 7 lbs. That couldn’t be right! So, I kept at it! Thanks to my husband Brandon & Angie Sorensen I was able to stick to the zone diet. I would text Angie when I was dying for a sweet & likewise. We exchanged meal ideas & kept constant tabs on each other & also enjoyed many of our free meals together. We both were seeing great results on the scale & in our clothes! That’s what made it fun–to see results in the clothes that you wear or haven’t been able to wear in a while!!! To see improvement (even if it is just a little bit) in the workouts that I did!! Crossfit has been my “out” as a stay-at-home & to be able to succeed has been awesome!! This is not the end because why stop something that is working?! From the time that I started the challenge on Jan. 2nd to the time that I took my picture on Feb. 27th, I was able to lose many inches & a total of 16 lbs! Who knew that eating healthy & exercising could be so rewarding:) Thanks for the Challenge!!! – Gina
Expectations come in all sizes. Expectations at Christmas time are really big. You try with every ounce of sensitivity you have to be able to present just the right gifts to those you love the most. You hope with all your being that you will be able to show just the right amount of enthusiasm for the gifts you receive. When Christmas gifts collide with New Year’s resolutions, expectations reach a whole new level. I expect workouts to be hard, and I expect food to taste good. I expect working out and diets to make me hungry.
Judge at the turmoil in my head when my husband gave me a CrossFit membership for Christmas, Paul announced the “Throw Away Your Scale” challenge, and Tami presented us with the Zone diet.
My first thought was “no expectations, no disappointments.” My more rational thought was “what better time than my first two months at the gym to take on this challenge.”
We actually had to acquire a new scale for the challenge—a food scale. The Zone diet was a fun adventure. We found some great ways to add protein to breakfast, to snack, to eat in general. Since Paul didn’t say throw away your measuring tape, I started out by taking measurements of all my vital places and decided not to tell anyone at work about either CrossFit or the diet. That lasted about two weeks because they started asking what I was doing, did I have cancer?, stuff like that. In two weeks I had experienced a noticeable change in the way my clothes fit. This was exciting! And I was never hungry; in fact, I had to start taking my lunch to work in a grocery bag instead of in my little lunch bag.
I didn’t need the scale to tell me that it was time to get the jeans out of the back of my closet. I didn’t need the scale to tell me when to move up to a 26 lb kettlebell or that I could complete 18 minutes of serious workout. I don’t need the scale to tell me that eating clean and working out are a great combination.
Thanks Russell, for giving me the CrossFit membership. Thanks Paul, for your expertise and dedication to the program. Thanks all you afternoon folks for encouraging and challenging me every day. “You’ve got it, Gail!” Yes, I have. Thank you all very much. – Gail Seamons