Something has clicked in your brain.

Monday, December 12, 2011 Stacey Baker 0 Comments

You are finally ready to lose weight and get in better shape, or maybe your training is lagging and you are ready to re-commit and hit it hard again.  The desire to do something so courageous... like coming to train at a CrossFit gym.... is different for everyone. We are all motivated by different things and the list is long and varied: disgust, fear of loss, threat of punishment, reward, competition, desire for excellence, recognition, fear of pain, responsibility, honor, growth, acceptance, curiosity, power, social contact, status, vengeance, etc.
Whatever your reasons are for training, I want to encourage you and give you some tips to keep going:
1.     Write Out Your Goals. There is something very powerful that happens when you take pen to paper and write down your goals.  These need to be specific, measureable, attainable, realistic, and timely.  Its not enough just to write down, “I want to lose weight,” write down how much weight, put a number down, and then write out a realistic time line to achieve that. Where do you want to be with your health and fitness 3 months from now, 6 months, 12 months, 2 years? Think about how you are going to measure your goals? Do you want to run a 5k or do a muscle up? Write it down and set smaller goals that will help you reach that larger one.
2.     Plan Ahead. Schedule your workouts and try to stick to your chosen days. Plan ahead with food prep and grocery shopping.  Try not to leave the house without a snack or meal on hand.  Pack a lunch box with extra Zone/Paleo snacks for yourself and your kids so the drive-thru is NOT an option when you are hungry.
3.     Go Public. Let your friends and family know you are in training and working out to achieve some goals. You will have tons of support and less opportunity to slack off and not follow-through.  This also lets you off the hook when you are at Aunt Faye’s house and she insists you try her chocolate pie.  Take one bite (savor it) and tell her she’s a phenomenal and tempting cook, but you have some short-term goals and will come back for the whole piece once you reach your goal and its time for a treat.
4.     Drink Plenty of Water. Your body needs hydration, you know this.  Why? Weight loss, headache cure, healthy skin, more energy, better digestion, and better athletic performance and workouts!  Start creating this habit asap! The general rule of thumb is to drink AT LEAST half your body weight in ounces each day….more is preferable, but start there.
5.     Log It. Keep a journal of your workouts with times, weights, distances, reps, etc. Hmmmm....I think I have said this before.LOL Track your progress. Keep a journal of your food intake with food measurements, time of day you ate, water intake, hours of sleep, whether you were mentally focused and energized after a meal or you were tired groggy.  Remember, 80% of what you want to accomplish happens at the table not at the box!
6.     Take Baby Steps. Trying to do too much too soon can sabotage your best laid weight loss plans.  Start with small changes that will be sustainable long term and not burn out in a week or two.  Make one small change to your routine each day: eat fruit instead of pancakes with your breakfast, go to the box today, only have 1 soda today instead of 3, pack your lunch instead of eating out, drink more water.  Once you adjust to each new habit it will give you the success and confidence to keep making more and more small changes that will lead you closer to your goals.
8.     Words Matter. Everyone who walks in CrossFit Iota is an “athlete.” You have a coach and you come to the box to train, you are an athlete.  It is also vitally important to believe in yourself and to keep giving yourself positive, affirming self-talk. Athletes who strongly believe in their ability to succeed do. Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.  Leave the whining and the “no-can-do” attitude in the dust and work towards your goals every day.
9.     Stick With It and Plan for Real Life. List all the changes you are making in your life and evaluate them based on outcome and sustainability.  Is working out 7 days a week sustainable and healthy mentally and physically long term? If not, drop it down to 4 times. Are you willing to skip that donut from now on?  If not, plan on treat meals once in a while.  Let’s face it you are going to pig out on pizza or skip your workout once in a while.  Slip-ups are inevitable; it’s how you respond that matters.  Don’t beat yourself up and just get right back to it the next day. Remember the 80/20 rule, keep it clean 80% of the time and you will see results.
10. Be Consistent  – But Be Patient. There is a sense of delayed gratification when you begin training.  Every seemingly small thing you do may appear insignificant alone, but it’s like compounding interest and will add up big over time.  Every workout you do.... every time you say no to that brownie may seem small and irrelevant by itself... but when you add those up.... over time.... it’s a mountain of effort that will absolutely bring results down the road!