Being sick sucks...

Friday, December 09, 2011 Stacey Baker 0 Comments

Tis the season..... for head colds.  The prevailing reason this happens is NOT due to a "change in weather", rather that cold weather tends to force people indoors, and the more people sharing handles/space/air gives more exposure to virus and bacteria.  The solution?  A Fortress of Solitude.  Cutting off all contact with the outside world for the duration of winter.
  But unfortunately I don't live in a bubble. I somehow still got sick and knocked down a bit, so now what?
Well, getting extra sleep,drinking plenty of liquids, not working out, are all strategies that will help me cut down the length of  time I feel beat down.
It goes without saying, I'm not working out.  If I did, at best, I would be adding another stressor to my body to deal with, which would most likely increase he amount of time I am sick.  And besides that, respiratory congestion and CrossFit don't gowell together.  So  I'll be taking a few more days off to let things clear up.
Active rest.....well I am definetely doing that this weekend!  But I have to say, even though I may be out sick ,my coughs are now 3 times more powerful.  All the toes to bar and sit ups are really starting to pay off....thank you CrossFit!
So here is a little reminder why you shouldn't workout while you're sick;
The bigger lifts that use the most muscle mass (squat, deadlift, cleans, etc.), produce a systemic stress on the body. That systemic stress is needed in order to get stronger. However, when you have an infection you’re body is already straining to reduce a systemic stress. If you add more stress to it via training (whether it be from lifting or conditioning), you’re going to exacerbate the problem with the additional stress.
Look at it this way: if you only have 100 credits that can be spent on recovery (reducing inflammation, healing things, etc.) and a typical workout will require 75 credits to recover from, and you are experiencing an infection that has already depleted 110 credits, you don’t have any credits to use for training, and you increase your deficit. The system is in a weakened state, and then you weaken it significantly more by asking it to do more when it can barely do less.