Going Out for Dinner?

Thursday, August 18, 2011 Stacey Baker 0 Comments

Don't trust healthy-sounding menu descriptions,
Learn how to recognize a restaurant fat loss winner
 from a calorie time bomb with these tips ...
When you sit down for a meal at a restaurant, there are a few cardinal rules you should follow.  For starters; Just say NO...to the bread basket. begin your meal with a green salad sans toppings, always check for nutritional value label.

But even though you start in the right direction, one look at the mouth-watering adjectives on the menus pages may cause even the most resolved dieter to sign up for the fatty special of the day.  Use the 4 basic rules to fight the restaurant diet killers.

1. Quit looking at the pictures.  Did you know the meals in the menu pictures are usually the worst for you?  That's right, the overload of toppings and oily sheen are meant to speak directly to your growling tummy.
          (TIP: Focus on healthy staples, whether or not it comes in a 5x7.)
2.  Never waste food.  Say what?  You heard me right.  No one is asking you to lick your plate clean....but I do suggest splitting you meal with someone.  Not only will it save money but it will save some calories too!
          (TIP:  Immediately box half your food for lunch tomorrow- better yet, share with your hubby!)
3.  Don't be afraid to modify.  As the customer is is completely fine to ask to have each dish changed to suit your needs.  "Dry whole wheat instead of butted white? No problem!" "Dressing on the side...Sure!"
          (TIP:  If your plate comes to you without the changes you requested, don't be a wallflower; politely point it out to your server who will likely be more than happy to make it right.)
4.  Be careful of wolves' in sheep's clothing.  So even though you order and egg white omelet, request little or no oil be used on the pan.  Grilled chicken is always safe...right? Find out if any calorie-rich toppings have been slathered on before it gets BBQ'd.
          (TIP:  Being upfront about how your meal is prepared will go a long way in preventing any unnecessary fat from being added to your meal.)

Bon Appetit!

Based on Article by Rachel Crocker