Sunday, August 14, 2011 Stacey Baker 0 Comments

...for a lean and healthy body

>>1  Believe in yourself. (you can do this, you deserve it!)
>>2  Write down your goals.
>>3  Set new goals every six weeks. (this gives you enough time to see what is or isn't working.)
>>4  Place a calander on your fridge.  Mark when you workout with a forward slash and mark when you eat clean with a back slash.  So if you have alot alot of X''s been a good week! (if know exactly what you need to do better!)
>>5  Place a picture of how your currently look somewhere that you will see it everyday.   (I know ladies...that's a tough one but I promise it is your best motivator.  In fact I keep my "fat" picture in my nightstand. Lol!.)
>>6  Take pictures of yourself every four weeks and place then next to your before picture.  (the scale doesn't always show you all your hard work.)
>>7  Write down the reasons why you are making these changes
>>8  Keep your house free from the foods that are your biggest weakness.  
>>9  Remember to prepare your snacks in advance.  (I tend to lose my willpower when I have to search for something to eat.)
>>10  Remember, only you can control what goes in your mouth.  Food does not control you.