11-Nov-2010 You are What You Eat....

Saturday, November 13, 2010 Stacey Baker 0 Comments

The past few weeks I have fallen off the wagon. Alot.  I had the attitude of the girl on the right....and ended up eating like...well you know what I'm talking about.  It got me thinking about how "dirty eating" affects us both  physically and mentally and for how long.  Melissa Byers wrote a great 2-piece article about "eating dirty" so check it out.
I know it's easy to beat yourself up about cheat meals here and there.  Food discipline is hard!  But I've noticed how much my performance has suffered for it. Not only am I tired and sluggish but I feel bloated and just slow.  I also noticed a difference in my mental focus...there hasn't been a whole lot.
But tomorrow is a new day...right?  So time to suck it up and break-out the food log again. 
This coming week I will focus on nutrition.  There are so many things to talk about that I will dedicated this week to Food....
My challenge to you...Log your food this week, and be honest!  This will make you aware of what changes you need to make.  Look in the "MEAL" tab on the blog.  There are meal and snack ideas that have worked for me. Or the  Crossfit journal provides and explainatin of the The Zone Diet.   The Zone is a great nutrtion guide to balance out your body and keep you at your best.
SO...here's to a new week...of clean eating!