Workout Burnout

Thursday, October 28, 2010 Stacey Baker 0 Comments

         I don't know about you guys, but I go through so many weird phases with my performance.
Sometimes I feel like I am doin awesome (Like with the '300'  for example!), and other times
I dunno, I just suck.  I know it's not acturally me that sucks but more like how I am taking care
of myself..  Wether it's lack of sleep, my diet, overtraining, outside stress, sometimes it helps
me to take a couple of days to re-energize and get back into it...

        A good read from om, talks about how burnout could be affecting you...
So you feel like your losing motivation?  Burnout mostly happens to highly commited, hard-working, successful athletes...people like you and me. 

        As for me...I have worked so hard at something, for so long, that the easy things had become
difficult.  There are times when rest helps me approach the situation with new focus and
enthusiasm.  The real issue of burnout comes from when I had the sense of disappointment
based on my own expectations. 
       I believe I get a sense of idenity  and meaning from my performance.  So to struggle with my dbl unders
for the past 2 weeks was very discouraging.  I decided I needed to look at everything going on in
my list got pretty long.  No wonders my head hasn't been in the game. 
     SO....for the past 2 weeks I have cut back to only 4 workouts a week. (And anyone who knows me, this was tough for me to do.)   I'll listen to my body and I will know when I am ready to Kill The WOD again!  Jsut remember it's OK to take a break.