What will you acheive today?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010 Stacey Baker 0 Comments

    Today my workout was a total BOMB!  I was so frustrated with my performance that I wanted to just quit and walk out....but I didn't.  I thought about it quite a bit today and decided that I needed a reminder of the things I have acheived.  Back a few months ago I read an article of setting and acheiving goals.  I spent a about a 1/2 hour writing down the things I have accomplished over the past year.
   Let me start by saying that I have the memory of a gnat.  I can hardly remember what I accomplished today! (Oh ya... I sucked at dbls. hahaha)  SO I sat there with my notebook, pen in hand, desperately trying to remember what I had done, and all the while I am thinkin, "Did I actually do anything?"
    That moment was a new starting point for me.  I started to wrote down 3 to 4 goals for each month.  My first set of goals were...
1.  Start a fitness blog  *Accomplished!...still working on its design, but it's up.
2.  Do consistent Dbl unders  * Thought I had this one...let's just say...Needs Improvement"
3.  Cut out Sugar  for 30 days  *Accomlished!...I now avoid when possible
4.  Take 5 min personal time morn and night   *Acomplished!...should've done this years ago! ;-)
     Most of my goals were not life changing. (except #3)  I have found what seemed small to me maybe everwhelming to others.  Like #4,  taking 5 min. was a big deal because I usually felt guilty, like I should be doing something for my family or work or whatever.  But after writing it down and doing it...my 5 min has made a huge difference for me.
     Looking back over the past month, I realized how important it is to see not only what you've done/accomplished, but to see what is working and what is not.  I became aware that I was so busy planning ahead that I wan't taking the time to appreciate what was working for me and what I had accomplished. 
     So here it is, the end of October.  Maybe I blew my Dbl Unders today.  But I also did...13 Butterfly Pull Ups.... I shaved 2 min off my "300" time.... I accomplished some pretty great things.
     Take 5 min and look back and evaluate what you have accomplished.  Start A list ...a short list of goals for the month of November.  Start to look at the coming months in a new way .
     I'd love your comments!  Feel free to post your gosls here and we'll be accountable together!
What will you acheive today?
PS...DBL Unders are Sooo at the Top of my list for December! ;-)