Lessons learned the HARD way

Monday, May 18, 2015 Stacey Baker 0 Comments

Love sled workouts! Crossfit Iota does alot of sled work, wether its pulling or pushing.  Super excited to do this workout becasue we haven't pushed sleds in a long time.  This was our strength work before the WOD.
10x 100' sled pushes (#95)
I thought to myself...this is doable!  
Round 1: going strong

Round 5: this is hard, I can't catch my breath.
Round 6: on no, I think I'm going to.....
yup, I sure did.
After a 10 min rest and I finsished all 10 rounds.

Do you think its going to be easy because you've been working out a long time?  
Do you look at the weight and think" two weeks ago I did #150 for 5 rounds, this is super light in comparision, so no problem!"?  
Do you think it doesn't matter that you didn't eat breakfast earlier in the day?
Do you think I learned my lesson?