Recipe for a GUILT_FREE Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011 Stacey Baker 1 Comments

No, this isn’t a recipe for some magical pie that tastes just like Mom made, only with zero sugar and no artificial ingredients.  This is a recipe for your brain.  A recipe for decision-making.  I know you’ve made many positive changes, and may be nervous about derailing your progress during the holidays, and especially this one which centers around the dinner.  If you follow this recipe, I promise you won’t fall off the wagon, and yet will still enjoy yourself. 1. Remember that sometimes, food is about more than just nutrition.
During the meal, try not to think too much about carbs, glycemic index and all that jazz.  Enjoy the company of your friends and family and just relax and eat like normal.  Why do I say this?  Well if you’ve been making good habits, “eating like normal” will be fine because you are naturally reaching for better stuff nowadays.
2. Addition is easier than subtraction.
Feel free to gorge!  Just do it with the good stuff.  Load up on turkey, salad, greens, and sweet potatoes.  Make some paleo friendly recipes if you’re going to contribute a dish.  Don’t even mention that it’s paleo friendly!  It’ll be good and people will enjoy it.
3. Don’t “cheat,” just make a choice.
Every food choice either “supports goals” or on the other end, it “hinders goals”. Some choices are less optimal than others, but there is a cost/benefit factor here.  If Pillsbury cinnamon rolls are a Thanksgiving breakfast tradition, and you love them dearly, then eat the cinnamon roll (just one, and eat some eggs too).  If you know your moms pecan pie is just pecans and corn syrup, but it’s your favorite pie, then have it for desert.  It’s not a big deal!  You’re enjoying it, and you made a choice based on a thoughtful cost/benefit analysis.  It’s not a cheat.  Why not?  Because…
4. THIS is moderation.
Why am I suddenly saying it’s OK to break all the “rules?”  Because THIS is moderation.  Eating the pecan pie at Thanksgiving is moderation.  Only having a doughnut on Wednesdays when the guy brings them to the office is NOT.     This won’t derail your efforts, because it is only one day in a long while of (now) good habits.
So remember, there is your everyday habits, and there are special occasions.  Let the special occasions be what they are, and enjoy yourself!   Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Totally what I needed to read. I caved to the Pecan Pie but now I know that the one day I ate pie won't derail all my other days. As long as I remember exactly what you posted. Thanks!