CROSSFIT IOTA'S Newest Athlete

Monday, November 21, 2011 Stacey Baker 0 Comments

Even without talking...Jade knows how to rock CrossFit style!

This is a little info from her mom, Coach Tami;
Her full name is Jade Hope Rigby. At my ten week appointment I was told she had a about a ten percent chance of survivng and being normal.  At about twenty five weeks her heart was 70% of her chest so we had to go to the heart specialist at primary childrens.  Needless to say they really didn't know what was wrong the first time we went.  And they didn't really figure it out until she was born.   Every week I had an ultra sound with her.  She stopped growing about 33-34 weeks inside of me and no one knew why.  She is our little miracle.
Congratulations Coach Tami!  She's absoloutely beautiful! 
PS...SO glad to have you back at the box!