5 Ways To Get Your Body, Your Attitude, And Your Metabolism To New Heights

Monday, October 10, 2011 Stacey Baker 0 Comments

1.  I LIKE TO MOVE IT, MOVE IT!  Find something that gets you off the
 couch and out the door, like Crossfit.  Eating less calories, without expending
 any energy, means your body will switch into a "fat-storing" frenzy to protect
itself.  Make sure you are working out at least 3 times per week.  Get a friend
to go with you to keep you motivated.
2.  FEEDING TIME:  Any good athlete, fitness or figure model will swear by
their five to six meals a day.  Forget the muffin and OJ for breakfast, small salad
for lunch,and a large pizza for dinner. It makes more sense to spread your calories
thoughout the day,since it keeps your body burning fuel regularly.
3.  BLINDERS BABY:  It's so easy to get enticed by promises of quick weightloss.
 This is why I believe eating clean is the best solution.  Not sure what eating clean
means?  It means eating plenty of vegetables, lean meats, nuts and seeds,
 little starch and no sugar.  Learn to try new recipes and use spices to keep your
food interesting.
4.  I GOT YOUR BACK:  Support isn't about sitting in a circle, crying about what
 you are unhappy with.  It's talking with others that have the same goals as you. 
You can get supportive information from any of the coaches at the box.  We are
there to help you be the BEST YOU!  We are always willing to do whatever it takes
to help you reach your potential.
5.  OUT WITH THE NEGATIVE:  I've learned that we women can be pretty
hard on ourselves.  If we won't like the girl who aces the WODs and looks great in
everything she wears, we tend to look at ourselves and look at only what we think
is wrong wih us...and we sometimes take it out on that girl... when she didn't
do anything wrong.  This is WRONG!  The negative draining thoughts can actually
keep you from making progress.   Each time you complete a WOD, say to yourself:
 I came, I saw, and I kicked butt!

I KNOW YOU CAN DO THIS!  3...2...1....GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!