9 TRUTHS ABOUT TRAINING you may or may not want to hear...

Tuesday, August 30, 2011 Stacey Baker 1 Comments

Truth #1  Women with calves, or no visible calves cannot build really impressive diamond shape calves.  They can improve greatly, but a huge amount of change is unlikely.
Truth #2  Clinically obese women who have been obese for several years or more will not be able to lower their body weight to the standard shown by todays female athletes in just a few months.  It takes a never-say-die commitment over time.
Truth #3  You cannot build showy abs (abs that have clearly defined rows of chunky muscle) by performing a truckload of abs ezcercises.  Excercise, especially cardio is good, but to get abs that show you need to eat clean.  NO junk food.  If you try and get abs from excercise alone, you are doomed to fail.
Truth #4  Bust size does not increase with excercise.  Regular workouts at the box will build the surrounding pectorial muscles, but the bureast themselves are not changed with excercise.  They will decrease because they are made up mostly of fatty tissue.  Sorry Girls!
Truth #5  Women who lift weights will not look like men.  Push ups, pull ups, olympic lifting will all give a woman a firm and shapely body.  The females that are masculine and look like men are using steroids.
Truth #6  Waist size is governed by the width of your rib cage and hip bones.  Even if you remove all the fat from your mid section you will not obtain a wasp like waist if your sketal stucture dictates otherwise.  You can improve your abs, however, with a healthy comination of excercise and diet.
Truth #7  The concept of extreme extra cardio is used to get the 'toned' look only has a smidgen of truth to it.  Big changes are made by changes to your nutritional intake...not excercise.
Truth #8  The overweight, pear-shaped woman sho desires to make big advances in her physique must do excercises that incorporate both cardio and weight training....like Crossfit.   To excercise only with cardio will merely reduce overall body weight.  You will end up will a smaller version nof a pear-shaped body.  Crossfit consists of both cardio and some form of weight training...this is what will do your body reshaping.
Truth #9  Only Crossfit will get you lean.  No.  But I do believe it is the safest, most functional, best use of time.  I used to spend an hour a day doing cardio and then another hour lifting weights.  I now spend approximately 30 min and I am stronger, morefit than I have ever been.
There you go...I've given it to you straight.  Remeber only a few of us are totally happy with the cards we've been dealt by mother nature.  Ask any woman what they hate about there body and you'll get a whirlwind of complaints...but we all have to do the best with what we have.
I don't want you to get the wrong idea.  Just because you may not be able to build a world class physique doesn't mean you can't make earth shattering changes.  With the right diet and consistent workouts, you can move mountains! 
I'm no icon, not even a teeny bit famous, but I have learned that I can change my body to be the best I can be. 

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