"The bitterness of defeat creates the sweetness of victory..."

Monday, March 14, 2011 Stacey Baker 1 Comments

This is me...and look who I am standing with....Yes it really is Miranda Oldroyd!  She is AMAZING!  She taught at the CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Seminar this past weekend.  I also met....
Chris Spealler...The most incredible athlete.  In this Photo, Doug Berry and I are sporting our sweet socks from CrossFit Iota. (Thanks Paul!)

Doug and I both went to Park City where we trained for our Level 1 coaching certificates.  I learned alot!  I thought I knew what Crossfit was about before...but it is SOoo much more!  CrossFit is about people, community, health and fitness.  It's about preparing yourself for both physical and mental challenges.

So...I've learned a little about myself this weekend. 
Back when I was is 6th grade, I was in the final 4 in a school spelling bee.  I was so scared of losing that I got up on the stage and slaughtered my word. That was that and I went home.  In 10th grade I was in the color guard.  We made it to regoinals, I had hurt my foot waterskiing, but not as bad as I made everyone think.  Everyone felt so bad I could'nt perform at Regoinals.  Are you starting to see a pattern here?
When I first started CrossFit, during a 400 meter run, I'd be thinking...'maybe I'll just do one round'....but this time I didn't quit.  Even at the Elevated Fitness comp,  I was so nervous about making the  finals that I debated on backing out, using my hurt back as an excuse...but I didn't.
And now...just 3 days ago, on my way to the CrossFit cert, I 'thought' about just not showing up....but I did.  And even though I knew that maybe I would'nt pass the test, I still followed through.  And no...I didn't pass the test...and I'm ok, I'm still alive and breathing.  And when the opportunity comes around, I'll try again.
 "The bitterness of defeat creates the sweetness of victory..."  Crossfit has helped me overcome the fear  of failing...not by winning, but by giving me the strength and self confidence.  I have learned I can do hard things!  So bring it on because  I will be victorious!

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  1. We're still just as proud to have you on our team! It's not liked you picked up a jumprope and could do double unders, or did pull-ups the first time u stepped up to the bar! Next test is in SLC in May...you'll nail it then!