IT'S TIME TO ZONE.........

Monday, January 10, 2011 Stacey Baker 0 Comments

    It looks like we have an attentive date…
Saturday Jan 22nd.  It will be right after the CrossFit WOD. (I believe  that will be about 8:30am)  Now is the time to start thinking about any questions you might have.  I also have a small form for you to take home and fill out.  It will give us the information we need to assess your body fat % and calculate your blocks.  I will paste a copy of the form here if that makes it easier, otherwise it will be at the Box.  Get it back to me or Paul ASAP so we will be ready to move forward on Sat.  You are welcome to just email me the info

I am so excited that you are ready to start the New Year with clean eating!  The principles of CrossFit and the Zone  perfectly complement each other and they are so so so simple.  And that’s what we all want right? Simplicity.   
I need the following information when you come in.  Once we know your body fat %, we will be able to calculate it with your activity and come up with your block Rx!   Everything will be kept confidential. 

Are you Male Or Female:                      _______
Waist size at narrowest point:           _______
Waist size at navel:                                 _______
Hip size at the widest point:               _______   (I know ladies…I’m sorry…)
Neck at the narrowest point:              _______
Height (feet and inches):                      _______
What is your weight?                             _______