Talk is cheap....

Tuesday, January 04, 2011 Stacey Baker 0 Comments

I love words.

Words are amazing.  They can be powerful, destructive, comforting and encouraging depending on how we choose to use them.
We have an endless supply of them at our disposal and they don’t cost anything to use, but their value can be priceless.
It’s easy to see how your words affect the people you live and interact with on a daily basis, but what about those who are a little further removed?
Have you ever overheard a conversation where something was said that has stuck in your mind ever since?
Have you ever read something that resonated SO strongly with you, that it changed the way you thought, felt or behaved?
Our words – good or bad – have the potential to change someone’s life forever, we shouldn’t be careless with, or underestimate, them.
Crossfitters share words about what they're doing, the challenges they’re overcoming, the strategies they are adopting. Words offering support, offering advice and some providing playful banter which  makes the world go round.
Friendships are being formed through words alone; some will last a lifetime.
You never know who’s reading what you write, or listening to what you say; something that seems like a throw-away comment to you, can be a lightbulb moment for someone else.
Words can make someone’s day.
I overheard  someone at a WOD awhile back
“I have to tell you that your dedication is just amazing; Way to ROCK the WOD!”
The guy was clearly a little stunned but the HUGE smile on his face showed that he was a little embarrased and VERY proud, who wouldn’t be?! I think it’s probably safe to assume that the comment made that guy's day, I’m sure he would have felt fantastic for the remainder of it and told the story, many times, of the unfamilliar face who came up to him at the box and said he was amazing :D

Talk is cheap but genuine words, freely given, are priceless.