Food for thought....

Monday, November 22, 2010 Stacey Baker 0 Comments

Consider this: technically, food is just fuel for living. That’s all — nothing else.
And yet … it has become so much more to most of us:
  • we use food for pleasure
  • we use it for comfort
  • we turn to food when we’re sad, depressed, hurt
  • we use food to socialize
  • we use it as a reward
  • we do it when we’re bored
  • food can also be a chore
  • we use food as gifts
  • we turn to food when we’re lonely
  • food can be associated with sex
  • food is equated to health
  • sometimes, food becomes an obsession
  • it definitely can be an addiction
  • food can make us hate ourselves
  • food is the center of many billion-dollar industries
What is your relationship with food?  Is it more than just fuel?