Oct 16, 2010 pick your WOD

Saturday, October 16, 2010 Stacey Baker 0 Comments

5 Box jump #24
10 sit ups w/med ball
15 burpees
200 meter run

This was fun. We had the option of 6 different excercises w/ a 200 meter run after. I picked things that I could make more challenging, a taller box, weighted situps, and burpees. Coach Tami helped me with more squat form after class. They are hard for me so I want to make sure I do them right. It is great to have trainers that correct my form and take the 5 or qo min after class to help us with the excercises. I worked on squats, Sam, Michelle. And Brandi worked on Kip pill ups.
Congrats Sam... You did it and your form was great!