No Power Scooter For Me!

Wednesday, December 07, 2011 Stacey Baker 0 Comments

At CrossFit, our goal is to become stronger, faster and better.  We recommend the Zone diet not because it will make you lean, but because it will make you perform better and you will feel better inside and out.
We may even brag that we don't have mirrors at our box.  Because ultimately, even though CrossFit makes you look great, we find success in better performance, and a general sense of self-confidence,balance and well-being.
But let's be real here.  The body Image issue.  This is a big one for always has been.  A life long fan of the scale, becasue the scale never lies. (whatever!)  I spent years believing that the skinnier I was, the more comfortable I was, but only superficially.  I might have been confident when wore a smaller size of jeans,  but I sure wasn't confident anywhere else in my life.
When I first started Crossfit I immediately gained 10lbs or so.  I shrugged it off becasue I was feeling so much better than I had, I felt like I was standing a little taller.  I decided that at 41, I could possibly train for a 1/2 marathon.  I had a better attitude about nearly everything I faced. A few months later, after overscheduling everything in my life, planning a wedding, getting sick, injuring my IT band and getting sloppy with my diet, I gained another 5-7lbs.  Now the weight gain was not CrossFit's fault.  I had just stopped feeling good about myself.  I struggled through my training, I felt tired and lazy.  I missed being strong. 
 I entered a Zone/Paleo nutrition challenge held at our box.  After a bout 3 weeks of following the Zone, I began to get that sense of self confidence back.  I had missed feeling the excitement of Crossfit and the challenge.  Over the course of the following months I was able to lose the fat I had gained.  I had more energy.  I am more fun to be around.  Perhaps more importantly, I am healtheir and happier.

The courage it takes to finish a
tough WOD seeps into the struggles
of my everyday life.  I have the
courage to try the seemingly impossible, 
to fight a little harder,
stand a little taller, to shine a little brighter.

Every morning when I step into the box, I am surrounded by strong, beautiful, fit women filled with contagious energy and self-confidence.  And what a wonderful thing that is for anyone! You see....I'm not nearly hung up on how I 'look' as I used to be.  I am trying to work on my performance, being fit and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. So in the years to come, I will be able to continue to live my life to the fullest. No power scooter for me!
So, schmaltzy or whatever...thank you CrossFit,  Thank you Paul, Tami
 and all you amazing Iota athletes! 
Cuz for REAL,  you guys glow from the inside out
    ....and that is an inspiring and motivating thing!